The Calamary     The calamary is a cephalopod that a great head has, and a body in case form. Its body (fortified by a cartilaginous internal skeleton) is spherical with two lateral fins. Around the mouth there areeight tentacles with cupping glasses and two contractils with the widened and flattened end.      The contractils tentacles, longer than the rest, are prensiles, serve to catch the prey and to take it until the shortest tentacles, than they hold it until it is torn by powerful jaws in form of curved tip.   The calamary can swim at greater speed than no other invertebrate expelling water from the cavity of the mantle through the muscular funnel, that is a tubuliforme formation of the foot and that makes possible its mobility to make maneuvers of change of direction governed by the eyes. Galician Mussel                Calamay                            ©  MUSSELS A Taste Of The Sea  S. L.