Cultivate of mussel    In the cultivate of the Mussel of Galicia the health totally is guaranteed, in its manipulation use will not become of medicines, or pharmaceutical or chemical products.  The Galician cultivators are limited to place mussel in the cords of the tray of the most efficient form so that the same one obtains the best feeding of the sea, the phytoplankton.   The cultivate of Mussel of Galicia is made in tray, that is a floating breeding ground constituted by a wood framework  of eucalyptus of more or less rectangular form on which the cords of mussel are tied and that stays suspended by means of a system of floaters.   The cords used for the culivate usually measure of 12 to 18 m.s, and take put in each 40 cm. plastic  or wood small sticks whose mission is to distribute the weight of mussel throughout all the cord, preventing so this one is given off.     The sector of the mussel, with 3,337 trays, generates about 11,500 jobs direct (of which 8,500 are fixed) and 7,000 indirect and a volume of annual invoicing that oscillates between 90 and 110 million Euros, constituting a strategic sector in the economic, present and future development, of the Galician community. Galician Mussel                Calamay                            ©  MUSSELS A Taste Of The Sea  S. L.