Mussel of Galicia   Mussel of Galicia (Mytilus galloprovincialis) is a molusco bivalvo that lives in wild state fixed to the rocks to which it adheres, to places difficult.     Its great power of fixation is taken advantage of by the Galician cultivators to put it in the cords that hang of the trays, and to obtain mussel of the maximum  quality and free of sands and muds.  The capacity of filtration of mussels is enormous, being able to get to pump up to 8 liters per hour.    Like food, the Mussel of Galicia is a protein source of first order, with nutritious value similar to the one of fish, the lobster and to most of the eatable marine animals.   The Mussel of Galicia is a balanced, healthy and dietetic food. Rich in proteins, mineral vitamins and salts.    Galician Mussel                Calamay                            ©  MUSSELS A Taste Of The Sea  S. L.