Preparation of the calamary     The calamaries admit several forms of preparation, fried, to the Roman, skipped, to the sailor, the American, in sauce or fillings.   Prescriptions of stuffed calamaries exist in which, instead of puncturing them with a small stick, they go through flour before to fried. If the calamary is great, the hard egg can be introduced whole number.     The calamary includes itself more like an ingredient in other many plates like the paella, in diverse stews, plates of rice, plates of fish, ...   The calamary in different preparations is an excellent ally of the diet and reasonable price, besides to have a high protein content, it contains B2 vitamin that helps to balance the nervous system and also it contributes calcium.     Galician Mussel                Calamay                            ©  MUSSELS A Taste Of The Sea  S. L.