Preparation of the mussel  The mussel finds in the Rias Gallegas the best refuge to develop its life, and later to give us, in multiple preparations, an exquisite taste of the sea.     The most habitual form to consume is opening it them to the steam in a casserole, after cleaning them, with a water bottom of sea to be able to be, and leaves of laurel, retiring them as soon as they open.        Its soft and substantial meat admits other less simple preparations, like in salmigundi, skewer, in vinagreta, some sites surround them by a fried of tomato, a little sharp, to put them in the  furnace.     Its protagonism in the house kitchen is little in comparison to the consumption in the premises of restaurat, which calls the given attention the great facility of preparation, and its price, that allows to taste mejillones in house until one gets tired to enjoy its excellent flavor. Galician Mussel                Calamay                            ©  MUSSELS A Taste Of The Sea  S. L.